Becoming Mrs. H!

Well since it is now September 2nd and wedding month (EEEK!!!), I thought I should post a little bit about my wedding planning experiences!! It is crazy, fun being on the other side of the wedding world as a client. I won’t lie and say it has been all peaches and cream because it certainly hasn’t but overall it has been relatively easy due to our giant sized family – all willing to lend a hand. (Thank you all so much! You mean the world to Brian and I!!) To give you an idea of what I mean, all of my Aunts and my cousin Audrey are making the appetizers, cakes, and dinner for 400 guests!! – You all are amazing!!! And it hasn’t gone 100% smooth, lets just say I forgot to put the return address on all the RSVP’s and we didn’t realize it until after we sealed them all up. Oops!! :)

Working in this industry and seeing weddings every weekend has given me a leg up because I sort of knew what I wanted which was a good start and then Brian, of course, added his ideas and away we went. We make a pretty good team and believe it or not, Brian has been big part of the planning and ideas! It is just as much his wedding as it is mine. But I won’t give away any of those pretty details yet until Miss Molly, from Molly Jo Collection, shares the blog post so you can see them.

It is crazy that we are only a few short weeks away from getting hitched and all of the final details are coming together. From last minute consults to dress fittings and everything else, I have a feeling they will go quick! So stay tuned to see all of the pretty photos!! In the mean time, I am trying to soak it all in, keep my editing schedule ahead of the game, and remember just how happy I am because I only get to do this once!!

So enjoy some of our engagement photos from Molly Jo Collection!! Whoo!!

  1. Cindi says:

    Love you two!! Can’t wait

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