Liz + Luke – The Proposal!

I could write pages and pages for these two but I will try to come up with only the very best to share. You see, Liz and I were roommates in college, she was my maid of honor at my own wedding, and she is quite possibly the most humble, honest person I have the pleasure of calling my best friend. So, you could imagine my excitement when Luke called asking what size ring she wears.

Liz and I grew up side by side, now I don’t mean the elementary school to college type of growing up, I am talking about literally, watching each other go through heart breaks, successes, failures, and finding out who we will spend forever with, are all while cheering each other on. When Luke came into the picture, I knew things were serious and they got serious fast. He is everything she had been looking for – authentic, open, and most importantly, crazy in love with her. Their relationship is built around communication which, in my opinion, is one of the most important factors to learn when building a strong relationship. It didn’t take long before they realized this is the real deal. And after witnessing this, I knew that my best friend has found her soulmate.

Luke + Liz met at Appleton Memorial Park, field 4 – 3rd base dugout, during intramural softball. I know super specific right?! But that is the exact place Luke wanted to propose. In that dugout, when they first met, he told her he was going to date her and yesterday, he asked her to grow old with him in the very same spot. She said, “yes!”

Liz + Luke, I could not be more happy for the two of you and I wish you nothing but happiness! You deserve each other and you deserve to be happy! Cheers you two – let the planning begin!

  1. shelley White says:

    So happy for you guys what a beautiful couple :)

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